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About the Program

Aviation is a dynamic and competitive global industry. Graduates of the aviation program often go on to become airport executives and professional pilots. Graduates also design, manage and operate the world's aviation systems.

The Center for Aviation Studies is the home of education, research and outreach in aviation here at Ohio State. Committed to advancing the future of aviation, the center focuses on training the best pilots and aviation managers, utilizing the latest aviation technologies, developing cutting-edge research, and creating new business models and policies.

The university also boasts the fourth busiest airport in Ohio, and one of only a few airports owned and operated by a university. Students at Ohio State can major in aviation through the College of Engineering, the College of Business or the College of Arts and Sciences. Applicants to the business or engineering programs must meet the admission requirements established by the respective college.

Careers in Aviation

Becoming a pilot calls for extraordinary maturity, judgment and commitment. For every pilot of an aircraft, there are at least 40 other aviation professionals contributing to the successful planning and operation of the flight. These professionals can specialize in airport and airline management, corporate and general aviation, fixed-base operators, cargo aviation, flight support and planning, aviation support systems, air traffic control, government and regulatory oversight, and air transportation management.

The aviation industry also has many opportunities in research and development. People with human resource skills are needed in the human factors area, and research is always being conducted to analyze and determine how to make aviation safer and more efficient.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Aviation
Bachelor of Arts in Aviation (through the College of the Arts and Sciences)

Specialization: Aviation Management (through Fisher College of Business)


Collaborative efforts with various university departments, national aviation entities, and governmental agencies produce ideas and solutions for aviation industry issues. The Center for Aviation Studies draws upon a talented pool of faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students to place The Ohio State University on the cutting edge for aviation research. Funded projects include development and implementation of safety management systems at commercial service airports; creation and delivery of airport leadership development program; and understanding airspace, objects and their effect on airports.

Focus areas:

  • Implementation of NextGen, the Next Generation Air Traffic Management System
  • Integration and applications of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System
  • General aviation safety
  • Commercial aviation business research
  • Aviation policy