Engineering Impact Funds

Donor support that provides the greatest flexibility to the college often comes through our Impact Funds. Funds marked with an asterisk (*) provide scholarships to students. Other funds listed enhance the Ohio State experience for students and faculty by supporting the greatest priorities of the dean, department chair or section head.

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College of Engineering
College of Engineering Priority Fund (303752)
*College of Engineering Scholarship Fund (302281)
*College of Eng Emergency Scholarship Fund (312995)

Knowlton School of Architecture
Knowlton School of Arch Priority Fund (302636)
City & Regional Planning Section Priority Fund (301703)
Architecture Section Priority Fund (302943)
Landscape Architecture Section Priority Fund (302250)
*Knowlton School of Arch Scholarship Fund (312560)

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
MAE Priority Fund (302655)
Nuclear Engineering Priority Fund (306406)
*MAE Scholarship Fund (310208)

Integrated Systems and Engineering
Integrated Systems Eng Priority Fund (306638)
*Integrated Systems Eng Scholarship Fund (313161)

Materials Science and Engineering
Material Science & Eng Priority Fund (302704)
Welding Engineering Priority Fund (302441)
Ceramic Engineering Priority Fund (303088)
*MSE Scholarship Fund (314053)
*Welding Eng Scholarship Fund (314054)
*Ceramic Eng Scholarship Fund (306535)

Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Diversity, Outreach and Inclusion Fund (316490)
Women in Engineering Program Priority Fund (306483)
Minority Engineering Program Priority Fund (305305)
*Women in Engineering Program Sch Fund (303368)
*Minority Engineering Program Sch Fund (308697)

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical & Computer Eng Priority Fund (302493)
*Electrical & Computer Eng Scholarship Fund (314758)

Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science & Eng Priority Fund (306284)
*Computer Science & Eng Scholarship Fund (309668)

Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
Civil, Envr & Geo Eng Priority Fund (302296)
*Civil, Envr & Geo Eng Scholarship Fund (303730)

Engineering Education
Engineering Education Priority Fund (314822)
*Engineering Education Scholarship Fund (315664)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Chem & Bio Eng Priority Fund (302693)
*Chem & Bio Eng Scholarship Fund (314757)

Center for Aviation Studies
Aviation Priority Fund (302736)
*Aviation Scholarship Fund (307789)

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Eng Priority Fund (306379)
*Biomedical Eng Scholarship Fund (314756)


Aerospace Research Center (314652) 

Center for Automotive Research (303952) 

Center for Design & Manufacturing Excellence (315227)

Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (314518)

ElectroScience Laboratory (302827)

Global Water Institute OH2O (315905)

Spine Research Institute (314281)