ACCELERATE Bridge Program

ACCELERATE 2022 Cohort

Academic Enrichment and Career Development of Undergraduates

ACCELERATE Mechanical Engineering group at the airport

ACCELERATE Second-Year Bridge Program is an 8-week summer bridge program that will prepare rising second-year students for success in future academic and professional activities within and beyond the College of Engineering at Ohio State during the Summer 2023 semester. Academic Success Enrichment and Career Development programming will enhance student problem-solving skills, expose them to key concepts necessary for matriculation in their engineering program and provide them hands-on problem-solving experience through the team, project-based learning.

Academic Success Enrichment

ACCELERATE AR/VR group posing with Brutus statue

The Office of Diversity, Outreach and Inclusion will use its Student Academic Success programming expertise to support student participants as they take courses during the bridge program. Each student will enroll in a course (5 credit hours or less) that advances them in their engineering curriculum. Sample courses that may be added depending on course offerings during the 

Summer 2023 semester:

  • Math 1151
  • Math 1172
  • ME 2010
  • ECE 2020
  • CSE 2221

Career Development

ACCELERATE student Koel Shaw in a plane

Each participating department/research center will devise project work for student participants. Career development programming will span 10 – 20 hours a week over the 8 week program. ACCELERATE faculty/research staff interacting with students will create a research problem or design challenge for program duration that will:

Connect Open-ended or Goal-oriented Project Objectives to Foundational Coursework in Students' Major

• Projects should include introductions to key concepts for second-year major coursework (i.e. ECE 2020/2060; ME 2010/MSE 2010; CBE 2200; ISE 2400; ME 2020)

  • Train students on lab/workshop protocols (safety and equipment training) and maintaining and analyzing data

  • Train students on proper technical communication via regular reporting to supervising faculty/research staff and other teams on project goals, challenges and progress

The program will culminate with a student presentation on the results of their work and experiences.

If you have any questions, please email Assistant Director Edwin Lee, PhD.

The College of Engineering Diversity, Outreach and Inclusion office encourages and supports all students from pre-college through undergraduate students. While the ACCELERATE program is open to all College of Engineering second-year students, programming and activities are designed to increase the number of historically excluded and underrepresented students (Women, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx and Indigenous) in engineering.

Student Testimonials

“ACCELERATE has helped me find opportunities, gain experiences, and plan for my future in ways that I never would have on my own” –Nina Echelmeyer
ACCELERATE Student Nina Echelmeyer
ACCELERATE Student Daniel Gaudiano del Bosque
“The opportunities within the program were beyond amazing. I was able to finally explore some actual career pathways rather than just "majoring in biomedical engineering” – Daniel Gaudiano del Bosque
“I really liked the career planning portion of the [ACCELERATE] program. It was very helpful to know how to approach the future in a smart way (instead of just hoping for the best)” – Ange Robles
ACCELERATE Student Ange Robles
ACCELERATE Student Koel Shaw
“The supplemental instruction was an important tool in helping me see be successful in my coursework this past summer.” – Koel Shaw

2023 ACCELERATE Second Year Bridge Program

Summer 2023 Program Dates: June 5 - July 28

Summer 2023 Applications are closed

Contact Dr. Edwin Lee ( for any additional questions or concerns.