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International Programs

Our faculty, staff, and students operate in a competitive global marketplace where engineering designs and products are increasingly integrated into global networks and supply chains. Through strategic investments and targeted collaborations, The Ohio State University College of Engineering is positioned to be a leader in international engineering education and research.

Ohio State and Beihang University

Global Reach

Ohio State Engineering is a global community with an ever-expanding array of international assets.  In addition to alumni living and working in countries around the globe, the College also brings the world to Columbus:

  • hosting more than 300 Visiting International Scholars from 37 countries who teach and conduct research shoulder-to-shoulder with our faculty and students
  • sending more than 200 engineering students abroad to nearly 40 countries to enhance their understanding of the world and the international aspects of engineering
  • infusing global perspectives into the undergraduate curriculum and educating students on the impact of global cultural diversity on engineering decisions
  • building upon 23 international agreements with universities and research centers in 11 countries and supporting a global network of learning partners and collaborators
  • expanding the number of Dual Degree Programs with foreign universities

For more information: or contact Global Studies Manager Don Hempson, 614-292-9487 or