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Integrated Business & Engineering Honors Program

The Need
With increasing frequency, industry seeks engineering graduates with a solid technical background supplemented with broader knowledge including business and professional skills. This is referred to as the "T-shaped" engineer where the vertical portion of the "T" symbolizes narrow and deep technical knowledge while the crossbar represents the broader knowledge in allied areas. Typically, this includes a broad knowledge of business, communication skills, and the ability to work on open-ended problems in multidisciplinary teams.

The Solution
The Ohio State University College of Engineering, in partnership with the Fisher College of Business, offers a very unique program that meets this growing need. Each year, the IBE Honors Program offers 36 honors students the opportunity to participate in an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous program that encourages students to reach their full intellectual and personal potential. The program is strategically designed to develop the ability to communicate across business and technical domains and the ability to enact a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving—similar to that required in most businesses. The IBE program helps students develop an appreciation for the distinct skills of colleagues in other disciplines and to develop judgment regarding the ways in which to effectively engage a group with different skills to solve complex, multi-dimensional problems.

IBE honors in actionUnder the direction of Georgia Pacific's Shellie Caudill, first-year IBE students practice brainstorming methods leading to a prototype of an innovative backpack during a voluntary evening workshop.The Results
Upon successful completion of the program, engineering students receive a bachelor of science in the engineering major of their choice, a business minor, and an “Honors in Integrated Business and Engineering” diploma distinction. IBE students graduate with a significant resume attractive to a large number of hiring companies—a resume enhanced by participation in a number of experiential, team-based projects, personal interaction with a variety of industry representatives, and opportunities for early internships.