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Honors Program Eligibility

You can earn Honors status through a variety of paths, depending upon your current status at Ohio State.

"I am a high school student, applying to Ohio State next year."

All new first-year students interested in the Honors Program will need to submit an application to the Honors and Scholars Program.

Students transferring from another institution are not eligible to apply to be admitted directly into the Honors Program for their first semester at Ohio State. Instead, they can join the Honors Program as a current student once they meet the criteria listed below.

"I am a current student at Ohio State."

Current OSU students, or new transfer students, can become a University Honors Student by meeting the following criteria:

  1. Complete 15 hours of graded coursework at OSU
  2. Earn an OSU Cumulative Point-Hour Ratio (CPHR) of 3.4 or higher
  3. Ability to complete an Honors Thesis or an Honors Contract by the time of graduation

If you meet these criteria, you are eligibile to request Honors status within the College of Engineering!

To learn how to join the Honors program as a current OSU student, click here

In order for your upcoming enrollment appointment to reflect Honors scheduling priority, you must complete the College of Engineering Semester Honors Program Module by the second Friday of the current term.