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New first-year students

Ohio State’s office of admissions is the primary resource for the application process and handles direct enrollment for undergraduate students into the College of Engineering.

Direct enrollment of New First Year Students (NFYS) to the College of Engineering is competitive and requirements are designed to identify students who are prepared for the rigors of engineering study. Factors considered include ACT/SAT scores (emphasis on math), strong college prep curriculum (emphasis on math, science and rigorous courses), and class rank or GPA. The middle 50% of directly enrolled students for autumn 2014 had an ACT score range of 28-32 and 96% were in the top 25% of their high school classes. Students not eligible to directly enroll in the College of Engineering may enroll in Science and Technology and Environmental Exploration (this applies to domestic students only).

Admitted students enroll as pre-majors and apply to enter the major when prerequisite coursework has been completed.

For general information for Ohio State future students, visit:

The most current university admission information and criteria for first-year students is available at: International first-year students should also visit for admissions information.

International new first-year students: Admitted international first-year students must meet the direct enrollment criteria

Transfer students

Enrollment for transfer students in the College of Engineering is competitive. For students transferring from another institution of higher education:

  • If you have fewer than 30 semester credit hours, you will be considered under the criteria for new students in Engineering as described in the previous sections.
  • If you have more than 30 semester credit hours and a GPA at your previous institution of 3.0 or higher, and have completed college level calculus you will be directly enrolled as a pre-major in the program of your choice. You may not enter as an undeclared pre-major.
  • If you have more than 30 semester credit hours but do not meet the 3.0 GPA, you will be enrolled in Science, Technology and the Environment Exploration.

The most current University admission information and criteria for transfer students is available at:

International transfer students: Admitted international transfer students must meet direct enrollment criteria. International transfer students should also visit

Internal transition from another Ohio State college or regional campus

Current Ohio State students on the Columbus campus must meet these requirements for admission into the College of Engineering pre-major program:

  • 2.5 Ohio State GPA
  • C- or higher in Math 1151
  • Credit for one of the following courses: Chemistry 1210 , Chemistry 1250, Physics 1250, Biology 2100
  • 1 semester of full-time enrollment as an undergraduate student at Ohio State 

Students enrolled in the College of Engineering who start on the regional campus must meet the campus change requirement before starting on the Columbus campus.

Students who meet the admission criteria and wish to enroll in the College of Engineering should contact an academic advisor in their program of interest.