Racial Equity and Inclusion Action Plan

Actions to establish greater equity, inclusion and racial justice in the College of Engineering

The responsibility for addressing racism and racial inequities within the College of Engineering (COE) belongs to, and is a top priority for, the College’s senior leadership. Our COE community has brought forth thoughtful, constructive, and actionable recommendations. We shall hold each other accountable for improving our community and are committed to begin the long and difficult work of eliminating policies, practices, and culture that perpetuate systemic inequality.

Diversity Inclusion Action Plan

First published in September 2020, the COE Action Plan reflects The Ohio State University’s strategic directions and values as a land-grant institution. It is implemented within the greater context of the university's actions and organizations dedicated to the elimination of racial injustice and inequity, and for the promotion of opportunity and success for all. 

The framework of this plan is focused on five key areas:
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  1. Professional Development and Learning Opportunities
  2. Talent Acquisition, Promotion and Retention
  3. Research, Curriculum and Course Development
  4. Undergraduate and Graduate Recruitment/Enrollment/Retention
  5. Fundamentals - Administration, Finance and Communication