Athletics Engineered Videos

Engineers are creative problem-solvers who invent and improve almost anything related to our health, happiness, safety and, yes, even athletics. The College of Engineering partners with the Ohio State Athletics department to show the science and engineering that goes into our favorite sports. 

Wired to Win in Fencing

We hung out with epee fencing national champion and mechanical engineering student Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger at the Steelwood Athletic Facility to learn about fencing's electronic scoring system. So, of course we brought along Electrical Engineering Prof. Betty Lise Anderson!

(Scarlet &) Gray Matter Matters in Football

We stopped by the Woody Hayes Athletic Center to talk cognitive systems engineering with linebacker/special teams star/engineering student Joe Burger and Engineering Sr. Researcher/Lecturer Mike Rayo. Special thanks to Coach Fickell for letting us camp out in the linebackers film room and, as always, to Rob and Matt in the Athletics Video Dept. All you team-sport athletes out there... remember to activate those frames!

Learn more about Integrated Systems Engineering at Ohio State.

Science of the tennis racket's sweet spot

In this episode, we visited The Ohio State University Indoor Tennis Center to chat with engineering major and men's tennis team leader Kevin Metka about the sweet spot on a racket. Coach Ty Tucker and Engineering Lecturer Krista Kecskemety served up some helpful facts.

Golf & the Back: Adding insight to injury

Lower back pain is consistently cited as the most common injury affecting golfers. We partner with the Ohio State Men's Golf Team to show how engineers can provide a view of what the spine endures during a golf swing. The Spine Research Institute's innovative approach may help in prevention and treatment of golf-related back injuries. Spine Research Institute Executive Director Bill Marras and Coach Donnie Darr are joined by golfer Grant Weaver and Research Engineer Jon Dufour (and a digital skeleton for good measure).

Rowing is engineered for speed

We partner with the 2013 & 2014 NCAA Women's Rowing Champions to explain the science and engineering of going fast on the water. Civil Engineering Professor Ethan Kubatko and Women's Rowing Head Coach Andy Teitelbaum are joined by engineering PhD candidate Colton Conroy and rower/biological engineering major Anna Ralph. The Women's Rowing Buckeyes are engineered for speed! 

Hockey sticks, a materials issue

We partner with the Buckeyes women's ice hockey team to uncover the material characteristics of hockey sticks. Materials Science and Engineering Professor Glenn Daehn and Women's Ice Hockey Head Coach Nate Handrahan are joined by engineering student Daniel Smith and forward/criminology major Julia McKinnon. No different than with cars, aircraft, and electronic devices, materials matter when it comes to hockey sticks.

How a curveball curves

We partner with the Buckeyes baseball team to explain the science and engineering of the elusive curveball. Aerospace Engineering Professor Jim Gregory and Baseball Head Coach Greg Beals are joined by engineering student Colin Anderson and pitcher/business student Adam Niemeyer. It's all about Bernoulli, Magnus, and aerodynamics... and just a little bit of athleticism.