Undergraduate Retention & Graduation

This dashboard provides an overview of retention and graduation rates for students admitted to Engineering, the Knowlton School (Architecture, City and Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture) and the College of Engineering (Engineering and Knowlton School combined). Changing the institution filter will update the rates and from where retention/graduation is measured.

Students are counted as retained if they remained within the selected institution and as graduated if they graduated from the selected institution. Students who remain at Ohio State outside of the selected institution will not be counted as retained.

Retention and graduation rates are calculated separately for each freshman cohort admitted to Ohio State each year.

Using this dashboard
Hovering over data points can display further information about the data in the view. Filters can be toggled on and off to show specified information about the data in the view. Select a year on the “Entering Freshman Class Size” chart to display the rates for the selected year. More information on filters, report controls and data definitions can be found under the “i” button (top right corner).

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