Staff Profile

This dashboard provides an overview of trends for the employee groups of senior administrative & professional, unclassified and classified civil service staff for the college and its departments. Rather than using a count of employees, it uses a sum of FTE (full-time equivalency) to display demographic metrics. This allows staff with multiple appointments to be included in each appointment, based upon their FTE. This dashboard includes regular staff appointments only, excludes temp and term appointments. Trends are available for demographic categories including gender, underrepresented minority (URM) status and race/ethnicity.

The dashboards can be filtered by campus, employing department, job type and institutions (listed below):

  • Engineering
  • Knowlton School
  • Food Agriculture Biological Engineering
  • College of Engineering: Engineering, Knowlton School, and the Department of Food Agriculture Biological Engineering combined

Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) values represent the percentage of full-time equivalency. A staff member with a value of 1.0 (100%) represents a full-time appointment, whereas a staff member with a value of 0.5 (50%) represents a half-time appointment.                                                       

Underrepresented minorities (URM) include African American or Black, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaskan Native, and those who identify as two or more races, including at least one of the previous categories. Students are only considered as URM if they are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Faculty and staff are considered as URM without respect to residency status.

Using this dashboard
Hovering over data points can display further information about the data in the view. Filters can be toggled on and off to show specified information about the data in the view. More information on filters, report controls and data definitions can be found under the “i” button (top right corner).

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Faculty and staff data prior to 2021 was obtained from employee analytics and faculty analytics reports in BuckIQ.  Beginning in 2021, this data is obtained from Workday. The data each year is based upon a specific point-in-time, typically between the middle of September and October 1, in order to capture as many new faculty as possible.

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