Degree Distinctions Awarded

This dashboard provides trends for degree distinctions awarded to College of Engineering and affiliate program bachelor’s graduates. This includes honors, Latin honors and research distinctions for bachelor’s degrees.

The dashboards can be filtered by area of study, specializations and institutions (listed below):

  • Engineering
  • Knowlton School (Architecture, City and Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture)
  • Affiliate Programs: Programs housed outside of the College of Engineering, but are not supported by departments within the college (Agricultural Systems Management, Air Transportation, Aviation, Computer and Information Science, Construction Systems Management, Data Analytics and Information Systems)
  • College of Engineering: Engineering and Knowlton School combined
  • College of Engineering and Affiliate Programs: Engineering, Knowlton School and affiliate programs combined

Using this dashboard
Hovering over data points can display further information about the data in the view. Filters can be toggled on and off to show specified information about the data in the view. More information on filters, report controls and data definitions can be found under the “i” button (top right corner).

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