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Visit Campus

Students are encouraged to coordinate Undergraduate Admissions or Honors visits with Engineering on the same day.

Undergraduate Admissions

Offers daily presentations about Ohio State and walking tours of the campus that include a residence hall.

Admissions Overview and Tours (2.5 hours) for prospective students include information on the following:

  1. Application criteria and evaluation process
  2. Timeline for applying for housing, financial aid and scholarships
  3. Walking tour of campus that includes a visit to a residence hall
  4. Student life opportunities

Academic Component

College of Engineering and Overview and Tour (2 hours) which includes information on the following:

  1. Admission requirements
  2. Engineering degree programs
  3. First-year curriculum
  4. Information on co-ops and internships
  5. The engineering honors and scholars program
  6. Guided tour of the engineering block

College of Engineering Overview Only Sessions (45 minutes) includes the same information as the overview without the tour. This option is available throughout the Summer Quarter. Please check registration site for additional dates.

*Note: 2 weeks advance notice is recommended for Undergraduate Admissions and Engineering Overview and Tour, both can be combined for the same day visit.
**Tours are not offered during finals week and holiday breaks.

To schedule either an Admissions Overview and Tour or an Academic Overview and Tour go to: