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The Quarter to Semester (Q2S) Transition in the College of Engineering

Message from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education & Student Services:

As we prepare to convert to semesters in Summer 2012, the faculty and staff in the College of Engineering are carefully planning for the effect of the transition on our students. Having gone through curriculum changes before, we have some experience in getting students changed over from one system to the other. And in fact, we have always done curriculum change in such a way that students are not disadvantaged by the process. We feel the quality and value of Engineering degree programs will be improved by the new semester curricula and the transition will occur without increasing time to degree. We pledge that student progress toward graduation will not be delayed by the conversion to semesters.

There is always uncertainty surrounding change and this is no exception. The College of Engineering will finish its program conversion plans in June 2010 and until these plans are approved, no definitive answers regarding new requirements can be given. However, we intend to make public our proposed curricula as soon as they are submitted. Our approach for advising students is to have each degree program prepare an Individual Advising Plan for students to fill out and go over with their academic advisor. This plan will spell out how one will complete the remaining requirements for their degree from the Summer of 2012 until graduation. The program will commit to developing an individual Transition Advising Plan (TAP) with each student that meets the student’s needs and does not delay graduation compared to what would happen had OSU remained on quarters. For their part, students will be expected to make satisfactory progress on that plan.

Beginning in Autumn of 2010, advisors in the college will have information on curriculum changes in their programs and will be able to answer basic questions regarding new requirements. We in the college will do our best to ease this transition.

David Tomasko

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are proposed (not yet approved) undergraduate semester curricula. These “bingo” sheets indicate the layout of the curriculum in a chronological order but should not be considered a required schedule for each term. They are provided for informative and comparative purposes only at this time.