Shaurya Prakash

Assistant ProfessorMechanical & Aerospace Engr

E347 Scott Laboratory, Peter L & C
201 W 19th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210


Journal Articles


  • Zhang, J., Zhang, T., Prakash, S., Jaluria, Y., "Experimental and numerical study of transient electronic chip cooling by liquid flow in microchannel heat sinks." NUMERICAL HEAT TRANSFER, PART A: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATION AND METHODOLOGY 65 627-643


  • Pinti, M. (*), Kambham, T. (*), Wang, B. (*), Prakash, S., "Fabrication of Centimeter Long, Ultra-Low Aspect Ratio Nanochannel Networks in Borosilicate Glass Substrates." JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN ENGINEERING AND MEDICINE 4 2
  • Babson,David, M. (*); Bellman,Karen (*); Prakash,Shaurya; Fennell,Donna,E, "Anaerobic digestion for methane generation and ammonia reforming for hydrogen production: A thermodynamic energy balance of a model system to demonstrate net energy feasibility." BIOMASS & BIOENERGY 56 493-505
  • Kellie,Benjamin, M. (*); Silleck, Alexander,C. (*); Bellman, Karen (*); Snodgrass, Ryan (*); Prakash, Shaurya, "Deposition of few-layered graphene in a microcombustor on copper and nickel substrates." RSC ADVANCES 3 19 7100-7105


  • Prakash, Shaurya; Pinti, Marie (*); Bhushan, Bharat, "Theory, fabrication and applications of microfluidic and nanofluidic biosensors." PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES 370 1967 2269-2303
  • Prakash, Shaurya; Pinti, Marie (*); Bellman, Karen (*), "Variable cross-section nanopores fabricated in silicon nitride membranes using a transmission electron microscope." JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING 22 6
  • Swaminathan,Vikhram,V; Gibson,Larry,R; Pinti,Marie (*); Prakash,Shaurya; Bohn,Paul,W; Shannon,Mark,A, "Ionic transport in nanocapillary membrane systems." JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH 14 8
  • Zambrano, H.A. (*), Pinti, M. (*), Conlisk, A.T., Prakash, S., "Electrokinetic Transport in a Water–Chloride Nanofilm in Contact with a Silica Surface with Discontinuous Charged Patches." MICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS 13 5 735-747


  • Vitarelli, Michael,J (*); Prakash, Shaurya; Talaga, David,S, "Determining Nanocapillary Geometry from Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Using a Variable Topology Network Circuit Model." ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 83 2 533-541
  • Prakash, Shaurya; Karacor, Mehmet,B (*), "Characterizing stability of "click" modified glass surfaces to common microfabrication conditions and aqueous electrolyte solutions." NANOSCALE 3 8 3309-3315


  • Wu, Y., Misra, S., Karacor, M.B. (*), Prakash, S., Shannon, M.A., "Dynamic Response of AFM Cantilevers to Dissilimar Functionalized Silica Surfaces in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions." LANGMUIR 26 22 16963-16972


  • Prakash, Shaurya; Karacor, M.B. (*); Banerjee,S. (*), "Surface modification in microsystems and nanosystems." SURFACE SCIENCE REPORTS 64 7 233-254
  • Prakash, S., Akberov., R. (*), Agonafer, D., Armijo, A.D., Shannon, M.A., "Influence of Boundary Conditions on Sub-Millimeter Scale Combustion." ENERGY FUELS 23 7 3549-3557


  • Prakash,Shaurya; Piruska,Aigars; Gatimu, Enid,N; Bohn, Paul,W; Sweedler,Jonathan,V; Shannon, Mark,A, "Nanofluidics: systems and applications." IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL 8 5-6 441-450
  • Chandrasekharan,Ramesh; Zhang,Luning; Ostroverkhov,Victor; Prakash,Shaurya; Wu,Yan; Shen,Yuen-Ron; Shannon,Mark,A, "High-temperature hydroxylation of alumina crystalline surfaces." SURFACE SCIENCE 602 7 1466-1474


  • Chandrasekharan, R., Prakash, S., Masel, R.I., Shannon, M.A., "Change in Radiative Optical Properties of Ta2O5 Thin-Films Due to High Temperature Heat Treatment." JOURNAL OF HEAT TRANSFER 129 1 27-36
  • Prakash, S.; Long, T. M.; Selby, J. C.; Shannon, M. A.; Long, T. M.; Moore, J. S., ""Click" modification of silica surfaces and glass microfluidic channels." ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 79 4 1661-1667
  • Prakash, S., Yeom, J., Jin, N., Adesida, I., Shannon, M.A., "Characterization of Ionic Transport at the Nanoscale." PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEEERS, PART N: JOURNAL OF NANOENGINEERING AND NANOSYSTEMS 220 2 45-52
  • Prakash,Shaurya; Armijo,Adrian,D; Masel,Richard,I; Shannon,Mark,A, "Flame dynamics and structure within sub-millimeter combustors." AICHE JOURNAL 53 6 1568-1577
  • Prakash, S., Armijo, A.D., Masel, R.I., Shannon, M.A., "Flame Dynamics in Sub-Millimetre Combustors.." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE PROPULSION 1 2-3 325-338


  • Long,T,M; Prakash,S; Shannon,M,A; Moore,J,S, "Water-vapor plasma-based surface activation for trichlorosilane modification of PMMA." LANGMUIR 22 9 4104-4109


  • Prakash,S; Glumac,N,G; Shankar,N; Shannon,M,A, "OH concentration profiles over alumina, quartz, and platinum surfaces using laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy in low-pressure hydrogen/oxygen flames." COMBUSTION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 177 4 793-817
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